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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of happen.


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  • But this is a real story, so, of course, I can't put in anything only just what happens; and _nothing happens_.

    Mary Marie

  • Whatever happens here, it would be better not to acquaint the police -- _whatever happens_, "he added with emphasis.

    Malcolm Sage, Detective

  • We have come to understand that the idea of bipartisan compromise has died a lingering and painful death unless the term happens to refer to Lindsay Graham, who for a while kept the “bi” in “bipartisan,” appearing to have previously been—at least as far as I can ascertain—the sole Republican on board with both the immigration and climate change bills.

    The calm before the storms

  • “Especially if his name happens to be Pellinore Warthrop.”

    The Curse of the Wendigo

  • There was an eclipse of the sun when Pope John Paul II was born, and his title happens to be "Of the Solar Eclipse."

    Prophecies of St. Malachy, Part 2

  • I am merely saying that its hard to take seriously anyone who claims to be a strict originalist or whatever the term happens to be, unless they support my right to own this, but that anyone who does support that "right" is out of his or her mind.

    In Defense of Corporate Taxes

  • Pettinaroli has provided writing paper to the Milanese nobility, grandees and the new rich for over a century it was founded 130 years ago, in 1881; it is the place where your engraving die is likely to be kept if your name happens to be Visconti or Prada.

    NYT > Global Home

  • Asking why this happens is a question that could lead to some interesting revelations.

    Bunny and a Book

  • The reason this happens is the daily media have no idea how to cover public schools, or education in general.

    Dallas Blog, Daily News, Dallas Politics, Opinion, and Commentary FrontBurner Blog D Magazine » Blog Archive » It’s Because Media Are Lazy. Duh.

  • The way this happens is a mystery whose telling is more than half the fun as we learn Zima's true identity, understand Carrie's dependence on her memory aide device and contemplate at the choices made by both.

    REVIEW: The Year's Best Science Fiction # 23 edited by Gardner Dozois


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