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  • adj. To be in a situation that is difficult to resolve.

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  • adj. facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty


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  • Twilight still infused the sky with a subtle afterglow because the weather was fine; Richard walked so swiftly that Willy Insell was hard put to keep up with him, the rage in him growing with every step he took.

    Morgan’s Run

  • She went off, hard put to walk on her high heels, her brassy chong-sam slit very high, showing her thin, very thin legs and buttocks.

    Noble House

  • Dwarf-mail may be good, but they will soon be hard put to it.

    The Hobbit

  • By the time I had added an ordinary typewriter table to its scanty furnishing, I was hard put to turn around; at the best, I managed to navigate it by a sort of vermicular progression requiring great dexterity and presence of mind.


  • He shook his head as if it were a great mystery-and Bink was hard put to it not to become hopelessly intrigued by the concept.

    A Spell For Chameleon

  • If we had to choose between Napoleon, in the shape of Ben Cooley, or Lenin, in the lack – of – shape of Willie Struthers, we should be hard put to it to know which was worse.


  • Knowing Jeendan's distempered appetite, I'd thought to be hard put to stay the course, but now that I was sober, which I hadn't been at our first encounter, it was as easy as falling off a log — which is what she did, if you follow me, after a mere five minutes, wailing with satisfaction.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • The Carter was hard put to keep the pace at which we walked (he told me that he had eaten nothing that day), but the Carpenter, lean and hungry, his grey and ragged overcoat flapping mournfully in the breeze, swung on in a long and tireless stride which reminded me strongly of the plains wolf or coyote.


  • But even had this force been directed by a commander worthy of its latent strength and unencumbered by the rigidity of Stavka interference, the Russians would have been hard put to match Rundstedt's speed once he had broken up Kirponos 'armour in the frontier battles.


  • "Globalization" really has churned up people's lives in ways that their parents or grandparents would be hard put to imagine.

    What Have We Learned, If Anything?


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