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  • Earned with difficulty or hard work.


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  • Players including Chris Ashton, Toby Flood and Dylan Hartley enjoyed the evening in Queenstown following the victory over Argentina, which the RFU described as 'hard-earned'.

    BBC News - Home

  • In the future, you could tell a friend you need to drop by a yínháng, rather than a bank.iii In this imagined future, a yínháng whose capital is derived from carbon emissions credits, rather than property mortgages, would be substantively different from a bank, and a better place to stow your hard-earned savings.

    The English Is Coming!

  • Ordinary Americans with new, extraordinary desires were voting with their feet and their hard-earned money every day, electing new lives for themselves and a new way of life for everyone.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Bertha Richardson spoke for her fellow feminist reformers when she reported that after seeing well-dressed working girls, “you went home thoughtful about those girls who wasted their hard-earned money on cheap imitation, who dressed beyond their station, and you failed to see what enjoyment they got out of it.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • You, being none of those things, should be allowed to keep 100 percent of your hard-earned cash, shouldn't you?

    Todd Hartley: A Real Platform for Us Real Americans

  • There are ALWAYS good places and causes to which we can send our hard-earned money, but this case has irked me enough to open my wallet.

    Winkler Whistleblower Injustice « Biodork

  • See you in the bowels of an undead Kodiac who thinks you should split your hard-earned cash with a wellfare mom.

    Carol Hartsell: It's Only a Matter of Time (We're Already Out of Time)

  • The candidate's website says the State Auditor is the person responsible for making sure your hard-earned tax dollars are spent appropriately.

    David Meerman Scott: Attention Candidates: Facebook and Twitter are Two-Way Communications Requiring Engagement, Not Advertising

  • Like the Giants, they are beating the odds and have saved nearly $5 million of their hard-earned money since 2002.

    Ben Mangan: EARN Savers are Giants

  • And with our appreciation we can likewise offer our hard-earned dollars when we hear something that moves us, that lifts our spirits, that assures us that it was created out of hope and inspiration and artistry.

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