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  • transitive v. To connect (electronic components, for example) by electrical wires or cables.
  • transitive v. To implement (a capability) through logic circuitry that is permanently connected within a computer and therefore not subject to change by programming.
  • transitive v. To determine or put into effect by physiological or neurological mechanisms; make automatic or innate: "It may be that certain orders of anxiety are hard-wired in us” ( Armand Schwerner).

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  • v. To connect components by means of permanent electrical wires.
  • v. To implement a feature in hardware rather than in software so that it cannot easily be changed.
  • v. To make a pattern of behaviour automatic.


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  • He urges her to "hard-wire" make permanent a selection process for the next IMF chief and key staff members that is based on merit rather than nationality.

    IMF Critics Call For Reforms

  • Of the 180 or so new coal belchers that Dick Cheney tried to hard-wire into America's future, 153 have been blocked or abandoned, Only 22 escaped and are being built.

    Carl Pope: Game Time

  • Photo: AP The only long-term fix that can save the euro, in the Germans' view, is to tighten collective control over national finances to hard-wire fiscal discipline.

    The Ties That Bond—and Don't

  • To me, the answer is an unambiguous no, which is why we need to "hard-wire" more of the regulatory framework.

    Joseph Stiglitz: Why We Can't Trust Regulators To Rein In Wall Street

  • He could hard-wire his search technology directly into iPhones and iPads, giving him an advantage that Microsoft didn't enjoy as it competes on PCs with its own search engine, Bing.

    Tech's Attack Of The Freebies

  • Unless we "hard-wire" stronger regulations into our system, regulatory failure can -- and will -- happen again.

    Stiglitz On Senate Financial Reform Bill: 'Too Little' Protection

  • That 50% is room for growth, an advantage that is a boon to these two “Great Streets” that seem to hard-wire our city in the east-to-west direction north of 33rd.

    Olympic Line (short) closure notice « Stephen Rees's blog

  • But now that we live in the comparatively safer 21st century, this negativity-seeking hard-wire insures that we emphasize the troubles and worries in our life, rather than focusing on the good things.

    Diana Mercer: Practicing Gratitude

  • When you're feeling gratitude, you'll literally have a better day than if you let your negativity hard-wire be in charge all the time.

    Diana Mercer: Practicing Gratitude

  • I headed home to the Castle Nightwine cottage, where my laptop worked without a hard-wire connection, thanks to whatever resident unseen elves or brownies of the Internet hung around the place.

    Dancing with Werewolves


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