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  • adj. superlative form of hard: most hard. Most rigid or most difficult.


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  • Why on earth the Research Centers with the skills and academic abilities are being hit the hardest is a sign of politics in NASA more then anything else.

    NASA Workforce Issues - Continued - NASA Watch

  • Mr. Bush writes about his response to the 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States and what he calls the hardest decision any president can make - deploying troops in combat.

    George W. Bush Returns to Spotlight

  • Sean White, Brandon League and David Aardsma each pitched an inning in relief after Brown pulled Fister, which he called his hardest decision of the night. Local, Sports, Business and Entertainment News

  • You had what I call the hardest-working band in rock 'n' roll, Iron Maiden, who would go out there literally - Home Page

  • For a period of time, which he calls the hardest in his life, he struggled with drug addiction.

    Washington Square News RSS

  • Swallowing his pride, Dan made what he called the hardest decision of his life and filed for food stamps and Medicaid.


  • He said those experiences prepared him for what he described as the hardest role he ever played, posing as a pedophile.

  • It is often referred to as the hardest record to break in sports, as no one has even gotten within shouting distance of the mark since Pete Rose in 1978.

    A Record More Daunting Than DiMaggio's 56

  • The White House has already signaled that it will support another reauthorization of the extended benefits, which give the unemployed in hardest-hit areas up to 73 weeks of federally-funded aid on top of the 26 weeks provided by states.

    Congress Will Have 7 Days To Reauthorize Jobless Aid; It Took 50 Last Time

  • As the recession deepened, benefits have been made more and more generous, to the point where in hardest-hit states, people laid off through no fault of their own are eligible for 53 weeks of four-tiered "Emergency Unemployment Compensation" and then 20 weeks of "Extended Benefits."

    99ers: How Many People Have Run Out Of Unemployment Benefits?


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