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  • n. The characteristic of being hardheaded.


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  • You biased view or hardheadedness is no more a judgement than mine.

    Huckabee: 'Lousy joke' but 'pretty benign issue'

  • The tie-backs on +Art are purely ornamental, and in good taste, but they do little to blunt the hardheadedness of the lobby windows, which are painted in large block letters with the words "Chelsea is the birthplace of creative modern art and the home of bad behavior."

    High Line Hits a Snag

  • The phrase is a synonym for Bush's stubbornness, and McAdams understands it in its formal clinical dimensions, which allows him to escape confronting the potential ideological sources of Bush's hardheadedness or judging whether Bush's stubbornness was right or wrong.

    Putting George W. Bush on the psychologist's couch

  • Of course, as legendary showbiz opportunist P.T. Barnum probably pointed out at some point in his life, nobody ever went broke betting on American hardheadedness.

    Eric Deggans: As the Debate Over "Ground Zero Mosque" Grows More Shrill, I Wonder: Isn't This What the Terrorists Wanted?

  • My experience with people in their 80s and 90s have for the most part, though thankfully not always, included instances of hardheadedness and ignorance, and I find myself often saying, "Well they're old and set in their ways, what ya gonna do?"

    Sunday Before the Day - Swampland - TIME.com

  • For all his hardheadedness, Bolano is not immune to the Ibero-American tendency towards spiritual bombast.


  • No. A strong supporter of Israel like Mr. Harris should have no problem putting facts before metaphysics, for such hardheadedness was the basis on which, from 1948, Israel built its power, before, of late, overplaying its hand, first in Lebanon and then in Gaza.

    'Eyeless in Gaza': An Exchange

  • And the hardheadedness of the military regime might be the fuse that will spark a political misunderstanding therebyallowing some countries to resort to force if only to save tens of thousands of Burmese cyclone victims from further dying witout food, shelter, clothings and medicines at their disposal.

    Myanmar gov't intends to keep relief goods

  • There's also McCain's temperament, his unimpressive intellect, unpredictability, his bigotry, arrogance, hardheadedness, legendary temper, instability, and his genius for making enemies among the faithful he needs for support.

    McCain's Nomination - A Possible September Surprise?

  • Kaplan agrees with O'Hanlon's assessment of Rumsfeld's hardheadedness but also insists that "Rumsfeld, who is often accused of micromanaging, did not micromanage enough."

    Pushed by Liberal Hawks, a Rumsfeldian Idea Returns


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