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  • n. Alternative spelling of hard-liner.

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  • n. a conservative who is uncompromising


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  • There are different dynamics in dealing with a legitimate hardliner versus a legitimate moderate, but that doesn’t mean dealing with a hardliner is preferable to dealing with a moderate.

    Matthew Yglesias » Learning From Belfast

  • Nam is well known as a hardliner -- some progressive groups in South Korea refer to him as a "neocon warmonger."

    Eric C. Anderson: Succumbing to "Worst-Case" Analysis of North Korea

  • Fellow IFP MP Walter Felgate, labelled a hardliner, said the party's democratisation included necessary checks and balances to stop abuses of power under the new party arrangement.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Recent pieces in the media had identified her as strong supporter of Taiwan independence: ("hardliner"), ("surprise choice"; "counter to the pervasive mood of thawing"; "pro-independence figure").

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • This section will be familiar to anyone who has followed recent events, so I have omitted it and also because it is the weakest and most poorly-written part of the paper, referring to Lu Hsiu-lien as a "hardliner" and using the Chinese code term "de-sinicization."

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • The media rhetoric portrays newly appointed MAC chief as a "hardliner" because she wants to get tough with China and promote independence and democracy in Taiwan.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • Their new Iranian president is described as a "hardliner" who is "fiercely anti-American" These claims are normally accompanied by quotes from unidentified sources who refer to a fictional nuclear-weapons program that is just months away from developing the bomb.

    The Inevitable War with Iran

  • For him to warp my book in this way, while calling me, absurdly, a "hardliner" in quite a different context (Israel) and then conceding that I do not consider Muslims mystical anti-Semites, is surely an obfuscation of the whole discussion.

    'The Great Hatred'

  • The Colombian president Uribe seeks to show in his internal politics that he remains a "hardliner," repudiating a possible reconciliation between the president-elect and maintaining hegemony over the social and military sectors he collected during his administration.


  • But no one will call him a "hardliner" or a "rejectionist" or a "hawk" or any of the other pejorative terms that the media loves to give Likud leaders.

    Elder of Ziyon


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