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  • n. Plural form of hardness.


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  • The face is full of softnesses and hardnesses, flutters and rustles, colors and textures.

    World Wide Mind

  • Kyanite has a unique physical feature in that it has two different hardnesses.


  • As each work of his was ruined he withdrew further into the hardnesses of frosted pride, for he was of the stuff of fanatics.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • The table shows the types and hardnesses of the abrasives.

    2. Types and Mode of Action of Smoothing and Sanding Tools

  • She had her full share of difficulties, hardnesses, disappointments, and physical weakness; but, whatever her feelings were, she rose above them, and went on with her work.

    The Angel Adjutant of "Twice Born Men"

  • Let us give the name of 'sense-data' to the things that are immediately known in sensation: such things as colours, sounds, smells, hardnesses, roughnesses, and so on.

    The Problems of Philosophy

  • To give myself to fasting, watching, and prayer, to suffer or abstain or avoid, in a word all the hardnesses of life seem when compared with

    Light, Life, and Love : selections from the German mystics of the middle ages

  • None of them had knowledge enough, or insight enough, to conceive or sympathize with the humanity of the thirteenth century, to shudder at its cruelties and hardnesses and persecutions, or to comprehend the spiritual elevation and insight of its rarest minds.

    English Literature: Modern Home University Library of Modern Knowledge

  • Even in the Madonna of the Brera Gallery (1510), which shows Gian Bellino's finest landscape of the late time, certain hardnesses of colour in the main group suggest the possibility of a minor co-operation by Basaiti.

    The Earlier Work of Titian

  • Apart from the one great boyhood sorrow, a sorrow which had been allowed unduly to magnify itself with the passing years, he had never been brought face to face with any of the hardnesses which alone can make the soldier of life entirely intrepid in the shock of battle.

    The Honorable Senator Sage-Brush


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