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  • n. A hard-surfaced area for parking aircraft or ground vehicles.

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  • n. Open ground, having a hard surface, used for the storage of material or the parking of vehicles


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From hard +‎ stand


  • The weapon components completed their 6,590-mile journey from the wilds of New Mexico to the hardstand on Tinian on July 26.


  • What I remember about growing up in my neighborhood was the sound of big ass rocket motors being tested and the occassional foundation shaking, glass shattering of a rocket engine blowing up in its hardstand about one half mile away.

    Scripting News for 5/8/2007 « Scripting News Annex

  • They mounted and secured their guns, which were usually stored in the armament shop beside the hardstand, where they were wrapped in oil-soaked rags to prevent rust.

    Masters of the Air

  • After Rosie nosed his chewed-up ship into its hardstand, the concrete circular pad on which the bomber was parked, he climbed down through the bomb bay, turned to the intelligence officer, and asked: “Are they all this tough?”

    Masters of the Air

  • While they circled the plane, running through a long checklist, the gunners slipped into their electrically heated flying suits, which they had carried out to the hardstand in zippered equipment bags.

    Masters of the Air

  • When Yankee Doodle nosed onto its hardstand, Eaker slipped out of his flying clothes, lit a cigar, and went to meet the press.

    Masters of the Air

  • As soon as the Cessna pulled on to the hardstand in front of the airport buildings and the pilot cut the engine, Geoffrey came back to life again, only a little green around the gills, and handed Royan down the aircraft steps with a flourish.

    The Seventh Scroll

  • "Obviously it has had use as an entertainment facility but we see its most likely use as industrial, with a big open shed and a huge hardstand," he said. | Top Stories

  • The force has another modern, hardstand facility at Kandahar and smaller facilities at other bases around Afghanistan, some of which are left unmanned until the task force requires their use for a mission, the senior special ops officer said.

    Navy Times - News

  • The job included three rail sidings, 2,000m of rail track and a hardstand about the size of the Britomart station.



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