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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hardwire.


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  • The way the first-time director and writer Sophie Barthes extrapolates the idea of storing and harvesting souls, hardwires it to real-world parallels like organ harvesting, and gives the apparatus involved with extraction the sleekness of Apple design is truly impressive.

    On Oscar Day: Cold Souls as the Antidote to Avatar (and Facebook tonight)

  • Next, Chris scavenges some duplex wire from the refrigerator compressor and hardwires the VHF radio to the battery, using zip ties to secure the wiring.


  • My own science fiction novel Lost in Translation (coming out in paperback from DAW Books in October) not only has faster-than-light space travel, it also has as its main characters two empaths -- people who can sense the emotions of others -- who become telepaths with the help of a genetically engineered life form that hardwires their brains together.

    Archive 2006-08-13

  • It´s the USDA that has worked hand-in-hand with the fertilizer and pesticide manufacturers, the USDA that formulates policies that encourage huge consolidation of farm enterprises favoring Big Ag over family farmers, your local planning and zoning commission that hardwires sprawl into local laws, pushing farmers off the land in favor of strip malls, parking lots and fast food joints.

    Spot-On: Status Quo

  • The first film was a heartbreaking critique of what happens to old soldiers when they are released back into an uncaring community, and how the army hardwires their brains.

    Stallone To Make New Doddery Old Rambo Flick

  • Blake Ross: I really believe the Internet hardwires developing brains with a click-happy sense of urgency that will not defer to reality.

    Internet Anxiety Disorder Anyone?

  • Our culture hardwires us to respect those who are rearing children. -- Top News

  • Handwriting aside, Mr. Godfrey says there are even more interesting studies that look at how bilingualism hardwires brains differently.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Steer your day away from negative people, sidetrack what frustrates, avoid spinning wheels in what disappoints, and your. brain hardwires for success. News

  • "After learning the whole story about how risky Wi-Fi is, parents voted to protect their children's health and plug the computers back in with hardwires," said Andrew Couper, a member of Saint Vincent Euphrasia Parent Council, in a statement issued Monday.

    CBC | Top Stories News


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