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  • adj. Alternative spelling of hard-won.


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  • Gauguin's instinctual look is sophisticated, hardwon.

    Gauguin: Maker of Myth

  • We've reached the moment when we must make sure that ordinary people exercise their hardwon right to cast votes and to get them counted.

    Paula Gordon: Lies, Damnable Lies, Statistics ... and Polls*

  • Look, as long as I'm safe, I have what I need, and a little extra, and a hardwon safety net, why can't people just be happy that I have what I have?

    Jeff Dorchen: Glengarry Glen Bitch

  • And in an interview, she wasn't even aware of pending retrograde legislation in Virginia where she now lives with her longtime partner, Heather Poe which would rollback hardwon rights.

    Margaret Carlson: A Lot About Mary, Far Too Little About Dad

  • We are, consequently, deeply dismayed by the actions of the government of Zimbabwe which is riding roughshod over the hardwon democratic rights of the people of that country.

    ANC Today

  • The prosecutor clearly fears the possibility that his hardwon victory would slip away; the tone of his letter has a hint of desperation.

    Hanging Captain Gordon

  • Weld is the sort of easygoing ne'er do well loafer who could only prosper under the hardwon prosperity even protection of a Bill Clinton.

    The Chimes at Midnight

  • This hardwon knowledge based on a profound sense of loss is a gift that has expanded my capacity to love and to give in the many relationships with children, students, and other loved ones, which I cherish now more than ever.


  • Further, she did what she had never yet done: she brought to bear on their intercourse all her own hardwon knowledge, and all her arts.

    Maurice Guest

  • The audience was exhorted to hold firm to its hardwon agreements on pay, conditions, and redundancy; to stand up to their new proprietors and show them who really ran the newspapers; and not to concede so much as a matchstick of dead wood to new technology.

    Conferences are Murder


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