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  • n. A fluorescent harmala alkaloid belonging to the carboline family of compounds, found in harmal and certain other plants.

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  • n. An alkaloid accompanying harmaline (in the Peganum harmala), and obtained from it by oxidation. It is a white crystalline substance.


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harmal + -ine


  • The psychoactive ingredients in the bark of yagé are the beta-carbolines harmine and harmaline.

    One River

  • On the one hand, there's this woody liana which has in it a series of beta-carbolines, harmine, harmaline, mildly hallucinogenic.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • "These individuals probably ingested harmine in therapeutic or medicinal practices, some maybe related to pregnancy and childbirth," said study co-author Juan Pablo Ogalde, a chemical archaeologist at the University of Tarapacá in Arica, Chile.

    National Geographic News

  • "The only plant in South America that contain harmine is the jungle vine Banisteriopsis caapi, also known as ayahuasca.

    Softpedia News - Global


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