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  • adj. Of or pertaining to harmolodics.


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  • I think the term "harmolodic" has morphed into something that applies to a lot more than music. HARMOLODIC.

  • But those 90-year-old techniques often morph suddenly into the dissonance and harmolodic improvisation of modern jazz.

    Adrian Margaret Brune: A Tragic, Yet Uplifting, Symphony for Tulsa

  • In later years, Coleman developed a vocabulary to describe his concept of music, which he referred to as "harmolodic."

    Matthew Kohut: Meltdown: The Year Jazz Threw Out the Rules

  • And the instrumentals veered toward the harmolodic zigzags of Ornette Coleman: setting out melodies at willful, shifty speeds, improvising over a vamp.

    Bonnaroo: Two Well-Traveled Guitarists - ArtsBeat Blog -

  • November 02, 2005 at 09:59 PM i saw an SNL repeat from the mid-late 70s/early 80s with Ornette's electric band. they were doing a funky harmolodic type of thing like "Dancing In Your Head". if anyone could find that, i'd be a happy man.

    Sun Ra Vs. Saturday Night Live

  • Coleman's provocative "harmolodic" approach is wildly intimidating, because it requires a musician to completely adjust his or her approach to melody, harmony and rhythm.


  • Happily, it also retains the real-time interaction and harmolodic richness native to an older black popular music, one at the dawn of its second century.


  • It's catchy, tuneful stuff that vibrates with the pulse of modern music - by which I mostly mean the strains of R&B into which hip-hop has dug deep roots - while retaining the real-time interaction and harmolodic richness of jazz, circa 2011.

    NPR Topics: News

  • His unique thumb-picking style blends the manic passion and expressive volume of Hendrix's best work with the exploratory verve of free jazz and the harmolodic approach of Ornette Coleman (with whom he played and studied) and a funky swagger that Sly Stone would've envied.

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  • The blues have always been part of Ulmer's iconography, even when deeply entrenched in the harmolodic theory he helped to develop with Ornette Coleman.



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