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  • n. A mechanical device that uses a combination of pendulums to generate an image based on Lissajous curves

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  • n. An apparatus in which two pendulums vibrate at right angles to each other, the movement of a stylus or pen attached to one making a record on a plane surface supported by the other.


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  • Here's a "welcoming committee" using casts of the artist's hands, each holding a "harmonograph" drawing of the universe.

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  • He also gives a history of math and music dating back to Pythagoras, and includes schematics for building your own harmonograph.

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  • The harmonograph was a popular 19th-century parlor pastime that created art similar to a Spirograph, but with a much wider range of variables.

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  • The Wikipedia page only includes one image of an harmonograph that does not show how it works.

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  • The simplest form of harmonograph is shown in Fig. 168.

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  • -- For the Rectilinear type of harmonograph wooden rods 5/8 to

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  • If you are making a harmonograph of the type shown in Fig. 168, use a gimbal for the platform pendulum, and design it so that the upper suspension gives a motion at right angles to the pen pendulum.

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  • They are beautiful and of infinite variety, and one advantage attaching to this form of harmonograph is, that the same figure can be reproduced exactly an indefinite number of times by releasing the pendulums from the same points.

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  • The tuning of a harmonograph with independent pendulums is a simple matter.

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  • Before closing this chapter I should like to acknowledge the kind assistance given me by Mr.C. E. Benham, who has made a long and careful study of the harmonograph.

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