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  • n. Plural form of harridan.


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  • This is a briskly entertaining history, complete with pithy anecdotes, of one of the great revolutions of modern time, and while it covers a few political issues that don't resonate in Canada, most of it does, with everyone from housewives to so-called harridans getting their due.

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  • The wives become screaming harridans or, broken-spirited and doglike, lose what little decency and self-respect they have remaining over from their maiden days, and all sink together, unheeding, in their degradation and dirt.


  • Old wives tale: John Tenniel's 1863 carton 'Neutrality' depicts a comfortable John Bull—the traditional stand-in for Britain—enjoying his leisure while two warring harridans Abraham Lincoln's North and Jefferson's South seek his attention.

    When Cotton Wasn't King

  • 'Whether or not those demented harridans obtain the satisfaction of their unreasonable demands for suffrage, we shall have no women in this club.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Seriously, of all the Desperate Housewives' harridans, we have never seen such a shrew, and that's including Bree's mercifully forgotten daughter, Danielle!

    Watercooler: Lynette Scavo is the Worst of the Housewives

  • They are traditionally meddlers, harridans, and the staple of Borsht Belt comedians.

    Lisa del Rosso: My Mother-In-Law and Me

  • John Gabriel Borkman is such a repetitive play -- the women tugging again and again at Erhart like a couple of harridans fighting over a Filene's sale item and reaping unwanted laughs for their efforts, John Gabriel reiterating his lust for power rather than happiness--that perhaps no director could make it work.

    David Finkle: First Nighter: Ibsen's John Gabriel Borkman Unleashes Acting Blizzard

  • But I am almost certain that an attempt at civility would result in a state of being that doesn't involve an adult temper tantrum every other day and does not present women as witches and harridans who have no control whatsoever over their emotions.

    Vanessa Carmichael: Real Housewives: The Business of Discrediting Women

  • The nineteenth-century novel does have it all: attic-dwelling harridans; uncanny coincidences; advantageous marriages to strong, silent landowners; orphans; revolutions; whaling.

    'The Four Fingers of Death'

  • We are not frazzled harridans griping about pain, but nor are we simply beatific nurturers whose deepest joy and pleasure is derived from carrying babies – light as farts with angel wings – against our ever-trilling mama-hearts.

    Motrin Versus The Moms: When Painkillers Are Attacked, Everybody Loses | Her Bad Mother


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