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  • n. Plural form of haruspex.

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  • n. Plural of haruspex.


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  • Animal entrails, for example, were believed to contain obscure messages from the gods, requiring the practice of haruspices for their decipherment.

    Architecture and Memory: The Renaissance Studioli of Federico da Montefeltro

  • So it seems reasonable to presume that, where it regards the specialty of divination, notoriously considered Etruscan by even fellow Romans who employed Etruscan haruspices, there should be few if any xenonyms for the native Etrurian pantheon.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • They listen with confidence to the predictions of haruspices, who pretend to read in the entrails of victims the signs of future greatness and prosperity; and there are many who do not presume either to bathe or to dine, or to appear in public, till they have diligently consulted, according to the rules of astrology, the situation of Mercury and the aspect of the moon.


  • After careful consideration that included an in-depth study of ancient celestial charts, and many consultations with haruspices, I think I know the reason why those odd occurrences took place: it's because I made fun of Janet Jackson.

    The Big Momma of All Tree Stumps

  • Eadem Galli fatentur ac Lentulum dissimulantem coarguunt praeter litteras sermonibus, quos ille habere solitus erat; ex libris Sibyllinis [226] regnum Romae tribus Corneliis portendi; Cinnam atque Sullam antea, se tertium esse, cui fatum foret urbis potiri; [227] praeterea ab incenso Capitolio illum esse vigesimum annum, quem saepe ex prodigiis haruspices [228] respondissent bello civili cruentum fore.

    C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino

  • The system of this kind of superstition had been principally developed by the ancient Etruscans, and the haruspices engaged in the state religion of the Romans were generally natives of Etruria; and the Romans, owing to the uncertainty of their knowledge of things divine, dreaded this kind of superstition rather than practised it.

    C. Sallusti Crispi De Bello Catilinario Et Jugurthino

  • From Etruria was introduced the art of the haruspices, or soothsayers, which consisted in discovering the divine mind by the appearance of victims slain for the sacrifices.

    General History for Colleges and High Schools

  • Responsis_, of the year 56, rebutting the argument of Clodius that the declaration of the _haruspices_, 'loca sacra et religiosa profana haberi' (§ 9) referred to the restitution of Cicero's house.

    The Student's Companion to Latin Authors

  • I do not rank Dr. Veblen among the worst of these haruspices, save perhaps as a stylist; I am actually convinced that he belongs among the best of them.

    Prejudices : first series,

  • Bono animo es, adsum auxilio, Amphitruo, tibi et tuis: nihil est quod timeas. hariolos, haruspices mitte omnes; quae futura et quae facta eloquar, multo adeo melius quam illi, quom sum Iuppiter. primum omnium Alcumenae usuram corporis cepi, et concubitu gravidam feci filio.

    Amphitryo, Asinaria, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captivi Amphitryon, The Comedy of Asses, The Pot of Gold, The Two Bacchises, The Captives


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