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  • n. purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen


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  • Chinese tale two friends, wandering in the T'ien-t'ai mountains, are entertained by two beautiful girls, who feed them on a kind of haschisch, a drug made from hemp; and when they return they find that they have passed seven generations of ordinary men in the society of these ladies.

    The Science of Fairy Tales An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology

  • Physiologie du goût and Baudelaire's 1850 essay "Du Vin et du haschisch compares comme moyens de multpilier l'individualité" comprise a counter-discourse of gastronomy that tips moderation into excess and sobriety into sublimity.

    Alexis Soyer and the Rise of the Celebrity Chef

  • The enchantment which held me spell-bound, intoxicated my mind like fumes of haschisch, and I could hardly recognise myself in this fairy-world character; it required an effort on my part to assure myself of my own identity, and that I was not misled by a dream.

    French and Oriental Love in a Harem

  • A little room in the shade hung with yellow matting, no chairs, but a wide divan at the far end, where a few Moors sat cross-legged or reclined, smoking long pipes of soothing kif, and eating the pernicious haschisch -- this constitutes a café.

    In the Tail of the Peacock

  • I have found the Maalem, master of a bakehouse, a short, olive-skinned, wild, and wiry little man, whose yellowed eyes and contracting pupils tell a tale of haschisch and kief that his twitching fingers confirm.


  • You will find him to-day in Djedida, baking his bread with the aid of the small apprentice who looks after the shop when he goes abroad, or enjoying the dreams of the haschisch eater when his work is done.


  • By night he would repair to the kitchen tent and smoke kief or eat haschisch, but the troubles of preparing beds and supper did not worry him.


  • I regret to record the fact that the holy man was drunk, whether upon haschisch or the strong waters of the infidel,


  • The young man whom the Assassins desired to train for a career of crime was introduced to the Grand Master of the Order and intoxicated with haschisch -- hence the name "Hashishiyīn" applied to the sect, from which the word assassin is derived.

    Secret Societies And Subversive Movements

  • But how beautiful, how sane, how uplifting it seemed, compared with the feverish haschisch dream in which she was now living.

    Lady Bridget in the Never-Never Land


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