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  • n. Alternative spelling of hash code.


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  • · NativeSQLQueryReturn impls pre-cache a final hashcode based on non-final fields

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • It should override equals and hashcode methods so that they behave properly when invoked. | IT Forums

  • The primary key class must implement equals () and hashcode () methods. | IT Forums

  • Now it calculate the correct hashcode (Thanks to Izio) - IMPROVEMENTS: Added two useful checkbox to Check All / None / Some Content

  • When I got to a conference I always ask around for the conference hashcode, then create a search so I can find out where folks are hanging out.

    Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen

  • The hashcode is an informal way to "tag" something to a category or categories.

    Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen

  • · Avoided throwing a NullPointerException if we try to get the hashcode of a programme with no title

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • I try to use immutable objects for some method arguments for thread safety, but for other reasons (DI, iBatis, etc.) many of my value objects, where I usually override equals () and hashcode () and often these wind up in collections, are mutable and the builder pattern of making immutable objects seems like overkill in most cases.

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