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  • n. The state of being likely to hatch; a measure of that ability
  • n. The state of being able to produce hatchable eggs; a measure of that ability


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  • Birds of prey are especially susceptible to DDT poisoning, since it accumulates at the top of the food chain and reduces the hatchability of eggs.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • There is a need for more information on growth rate, health, egg production, feed conversion, body weight, carcass yield, laying intensity, fertility, hatchability, and egg weight - especially under free-ranging conditions.

    5 Chicken

  • Other efforts are needed to increase the hatchability of eggs under natural conditions (under guinea hens or surrogate mothers), and to identify the best lighting regimes (both sexual maturity and rate of lay are influenced by changes in daylength).

    5 Chicken

  • However, second-year egg production is normally less than half the first year's, and fertility and hatchability fall sharply after birds reach 6 months of age, even though egg and sperm production continue.

    5 Chicken

  • However, for reproduction about twice that is needed to allow for mating rituals. 3 If properly mated, high fertility rates and good egg hatchability can be expected.

    5 Chicken

  • This improves egg size and hatchability and reduces early mortality.

    5 Chicken

  • From their eggs 234 chicks were produced; the average percentage of fertility of the eggs was diminished but the average percentage of hatchability of fertile eggs was increased.

    Applied Eugenics

  • How could we know what the fertility and hatchability was going to be, or sex ratio?

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Average hatchability for chicks hatched during the week was 84 percent.


  • Average hatchability is calculated by dividing chicks hatched during the week by eggs set three weeks earlier.



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