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  • n. Plural form of haustorium.


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  • This means that although makes all or some of its own food (depending on the species) from the sun like other green plants, mistletoe sends root-like structures called haustoria down through the bark into the vascular tissue of its host plant.

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  • The causal agents of rusts and powdery mildew disease develop specialized nutrition sucking devices named 'haustoria'

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  • It has no roots, instead attaching itself to its host tree with sucker-like organs called haustoria, through which it draws out water and nutrients.

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  • Try to loosen its hold on the support it is climbing up, and the secret of its guilt is out at once; for no honest vine is this, but a parasite, a degenerate of the lowest type, with numerous sharp suckers (haustoria) penetrating the bark of its victim, and spreading in the softer tissues beneath to steal all their nourishment.

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  • Callose encapsulation of haustoria occurring in incompatibility reactions between resistant hosts and pathogens prevent the pathogen's nutrient uptake.

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  • Conversely, in the case of compatible reactions between susceptible hosts and pathogens, β, 1-3 glucanase-induced callose degradation facilitates the absorption of nutrients by haustoria and promotes growth and sporulation

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  • Voegele RT, Struck C, Hahn M, Mendgen K (2001) The role of haustoria in sugar supply during infection of broad bean by rust fungus

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  • Having no roots of their own, they produce structures called "sinkers" and "haustoria" that penetrate the host's tissue.

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  • Fifteen genes were predicted to be proteins secreted from Pst haustoria.

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  • A total of 5,126 EST sequences of high quality were generated from haustoria of Pst, from which 287 contigs and 847 singletons were derived.

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