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  • v. To have endured all that one can.


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  • I am certain he could not have had it where you imagine, and 'tis a miracle to me that he remember that there is such a one in the world as his cousin D.O. I am sure he has not seen her this six year, and I think but once in his life.

    The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, 1652-54

  • This is the easier road; every lyric has its Chinese text, black and unfamiliar and satisfying; beneath it a prose translation of unflinching accuracy, and footnotes that unravel all things, from the habits of a sinister plant called tribulus – Shakespeare would have had it in his witches 'cauldron – to the wickedness of the Duke Seuen in his palace of Wei.

    Lyrics From the Chinese

  • Well, I have had it all set to rights again, and new painted, and it is all complete, except for hammer-cloth, which must have new fringe.


  • The instant they stepped free of the confines of the copper-warded castle, Eric willed a cloud of blackness into existence, and would have had it swallow them.

    Memory of Fire

  • He gives me good advice not to embarke into trade (as I have had it in my thoughts about Colonell Norwood) so as to be seen to mind it, for it will do me hurte, and draw my mind off from my business and embroile my estate too soon.

    The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Jan/Feb 1665/66

  • In honour of this miracle, I have had it painted in my chapel at Joinville, and also in the glass window at Blechicourt.

    The Memoirs of the Lord of Joinville

  • I have had it ever since I settled here at Tredennis; and altogether I feel the stronger and the more content for all this suffering and the inevitable end, which can not be far off.

    Memoirs of Arthur Hamilton B A Of Trinity College Cambridge

  • Besides endeavoring on all occasions to multiply the points of contact and connection with this country, which I consider as our surest main-stay under every event, I have had it much at heart to remove from between us every subject of misunderstanding or irritation.


  • I have had it much at heart to have prepared a good series of North Carolina Readers; and before my election to the office which I now fill, I undertook such a work, and published the most important number, and the only one intended to be of local interest.

    First Annual Report of the General Superintendent of Common Schools

  • I have had it up to here looking at him for these long weeks, Locallo said.

    Defending the Damned


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