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  • verb Present participle of haver.
  • adjective Hesitant; indecisive.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From haver +‎ -ing.


  • I remember missing the Tet offensive by a few days, because someone had been havering about the expense.

    Sandy Gall: 'I fear Afghanistan will become like Vietnam'

  • Knife of Dreams is a novel in which this havering, hesitant John Majorish ‘a not un-large fire that was not un-warming’ idiocy has spread into all the limbs of the novel.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • It is certainly contrary to my experience with the political class in recent decades, but ... is it possible Ms Palin is not a havering dolt?

    Sarah Palin was forced to give half of her speech from memory, without the use of the Teleprompter.

  • I am also havering over these, which are a LOT more expensive, but still cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else:

    October 2008

  • Cameron was *perfect* yesterday: no silly jokes, completely magisterial, sensible suggestions about how to increase security which our havering fool of a Prime Minister couldn't respond to ....

    Brown Trounces Ming at PMQs

  • I'm havering over buying Ken Burns's The Civil War on DVD prime reason: lots of Shelby Foote, but am worried about the completeness of the UK edition.

    grahamsleight's Journal

  • Non-use of the final comma is to some extent a British trait, but as using the comma never hurts, and omitting it sometimes produces ambiguity or oddness, there is no point in havering over whether to use it or not in this case or that. WHY SERIAL COMMAS ARE A GOOD THING.

  • After he'd finished havering, and not saying what couldn't be said, he turned to go, still looking uneasy.

    Flashman And The Mountain Of Light

  • After months of havering among staff officers fatally hampered by lack of authority, he had sketched the design for a feasible operation of war, and begun to exercise his own immense strength of will to ensure that the resources would be found to land five divisions and secure a beachhead large enough to provide fighting room for the Allied armies.

    Overlord D-Day And The Battle for Normandy

  • ‘It was always supposed there was something to be found on Haugr,’ she said, ‘but maybe folks were just havering.’

    My Bones Will Keep


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