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  • n. Plural form of haversack.


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  • There was a great smell of newness about certain articles in the bedroom, such as haversacks, knapsacks, portmanteaus, leather gun-cases, &c.

    How I Found Livingstone

  • Confederate flags were often homemade, while northern volunteer regiments made their own flags; the canteens, haversacks, horse tack, hats, uniforms, artillery, guns of all types -- the specifics are endless and everything.

    Daniel Grant: Artwork That Is Judged on the Basis of Accuracy

  • Each night we would take a little of our rations and put them there, we put our haversacks, bars of chocolate, biscuits, maps and compass, our spare socks and shirt and our personal belongings, the lads at camp changed me a lot of chocolate for my cigarettes, so we had enough food to keep going for 2 weeks.

    John Keay

  • The flow of the river started taking them downstream, so I dropped the haversacks, ran down the riverside starkers, dived into the river and caught our clothes.

    John Keay

  • On the street in front of my present home, twenty thousand Yankee soldiers marched down the Old Spanish Trail in pursuit of General Alfred Mouton and his boys in butternut, their haversacks stuffed with loot, their wounds from a dozen firefights still green, their lust for revenge unsated.

    The Glass Rainbow

  • The earth exploded out of the trench, and muskets, cannon wheels, haversacks, and parts of men were left strewn on the yellowed edge of a huge crater.

    The Convict and Other Stories

  • It was only a question of how many loose pieces of paper would molt from his haversacks before he found it.

    Friday Flash: Glamorous Royal Wedding

  • Regimental field and staff are in the saddle, and the men behind the stacks, leaving canteens, haversacks, cups with the steaming evening coffee, and rations at the fires.

    Gutenberg - Recent changes [en]

  • The wagon containing my mess equipment was back somewhere on the road, hopelessly stuck in the mud, and hence we had nothing to eat except some coffee which two young women living at the tavern kindly made for us; a small quantity of the berry being furnished from the haversacks of my escort.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • When the recall was sounded, our men came in loaded down with plunder in the shape of hats, haversacks, blankets, pistols, and shotguns, in a quantity which amply repaid for the surprise of the morning, but did not excuse the delinquent commander of our picket-guard, who a few days later was brought to a realizing sense of his duty by a court-martial.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories


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