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  • n. The haversed sine.

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  • n. In navigation, half the versed sine. The word was introduced by James Inman in the 1835 edition of his “Navigation.”


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  • T.e result will be the log haversine of the S.H.A. or L.A.T. It must always be less than 10.

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  • With the log haversine S enter table 45 in the adjacent parallel column, take out the corresponding Natural Haversine, which mark N_ .

    Lectures in Navigation

  • (Table 44), and the log cosine of the Dec. (Table 44) and call the sum S. a log haversine and must always be less than

    Lectures in Navigation

  • Add together the log haversine of the S.H.A. (Table 45), the log cosine of the Lat.

    Lectures in Navigation

  • Commonly used waveforms that are pre-programmed into the software include sin (x)/x, exponential rise-and-fall, logarithmic rise-and-fall, Gaussian, Lorentz, haversine and cardiac waveforms.

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  • I still have in a basement file cabinet my copy of Bowditch with its haversine tables.

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  • Like its cousin the haversine, the hacoversine is mainly useful for doing trig on a sphere when you don't have a calculator handy to square the familiar trig functions.

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  • The haversine has its own twin, the havercosine, which is the vercosine divided by 2.

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  • +v direction so that the result is either +v or - v. The haversine gives the probability that the result of the measurement is - v. The way I learned about sine and cosine (sinus and cosinus we call them) they were defined from a right-angled triangle.

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