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  • n. hacker


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  • One of my assignment due dates got extended til tomorrow, so I'm going to be spending the whole night hard-coding an achievement database I'm not enough of a 1337 haxxor to set up a dummy MSoft Live account and bounce requests off their servers... plus I'm learning javascript as I go and haven't got the knack of xml parsing down yet.

    DOS System Font

  • Aw, I miss you guys too. *sm00ch* thats a haxxor smooch

    Ann Aguirre » Blog Archive » on the home front

  • I think it's just a scam, he's gonna use the money to buy drugs or alcohol or even more sinister things (he's a former haxxor).

  • Second! you are not very smart, you do not belong on LQ if you are going to insult Linux. its april 1st of courseOOPS I just got fooled. plzzz u alsO must haev l33T haxxor sklzzz n fone # 4 LINUs TORVALSd at ur haxxor hxxorr hlp???? plzzzzzzzzzz email me now plz!!!

  • If you have medically sound information on how I can haxxor my p3n15, I would be willing to pay top dollar for it.


  • But I guess the story is better with 'OMG jihadis used 30.00 software (why is the price important?) to haxxor our planes11!!!'

    Ace of Spades HQ

  • anime geek, book geek, webcomic geek. oh and haxxor geek!

    EXTRALIFE – By Scott Johnson - Last Geek of the day: Film Geek

  • Gotta love the subtitles in this video- they’re all in 1337, haxxor!

    L33T Haxxorz

  • ; take it off / edit if you really want to search etka comon haxxor if A_LoopFileAttrib contains R, S, H, C, T continue

    AutoHotkey Community


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