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  • n. A device attached to a hay-rack or hay-wagon, for gathering up the hay from windrows or from haycocks and loading it upon the wagon.
  • n. A hay-loader of the modern type consists essentially of a broad inclined elevator supported on a pair of wheels, and designed to be attached to the rear end of a hay-wagon; some form of raking or gathering device for collecting the hay from the ground or from windrows; and a conveyer for carrying the hay, as fast as gathered, up to the elevator and stacking it on the wagon. The forward movement of the wagon causes the wheels of the loader to communicate motion, by means of belts, to some form of revolving or reciprocating hay-rake and some form of conveyer that lifts the loose hay gathered by the rakes and deposits it on the wagon. Such machines have largely superseded hand labor in gathering the hay crop.


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  • Either it was: "Would you care to see the hay-loader at work?"

    The Lamp of Fate

  • She had herself managed that she be taken to the factory and had also managed that she be left with Hugh while the two men went to look at the half-completed hay-loader at the back of the shop.

    Poor White

  • It may also be taken up with the hay-loader when cured thus, which very much facilitates easy storing.

    Clovers and How to Grow Them

  • With the aid of the hay-loader in lifting it from winrows in the field, and of the hay fork in unloading, the hand labor in storing is greatly reduced, but when it is unloaded with the horse fork, the aim should be to dump the hay from the fork on different parts of the mow or stack, lest it should become too solidly pressed together under the dump, and heat and mold in consequence.

    Clovers and How to Grow Them

  • But when it is to be lifted with the hay-loader, the winrows should be made small rather than large.

    Clovers and How to Grow Them

  • The farmer, with his mowing-machine, his horse-rake, his automobile, his tractor engine and gang ploughs or his sulky ploughs, his hay-loader, his corn-planter, and so on, does the work of many men.

    The Last Harvest


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