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  • n. Plural form of haycock.


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  • After 81º S. the Barrier began to take on a slightly different appearance instead of the absolutely flat surface, we saw on the first day a good many small formations of the shape of haycocks.

    The South Pole~ Depot Journeys

  • This stretch of ice was -- with the exception of a few quite small hummocks of the shape of haycocks -- perfectly flat and free from crevasses.

    The South Pole~ On the Barrier

  • From these open holes, ugly wide cracks ran out in all directions; besides which, mounds and haycocks were everywhere to be seen.

    The South Pole~ The Return to Framheim

  • I was weak, and allowed myself to be persuaded, and away we went among the haycocks.

    The South Pole~ The Start for the Pole

  • What specially attracted one's attention here was an immense number of small formations in the shape of haycocks.

    The South Pole~ Through the Mountains

  • How these haycocks were formed and what they looked like inside we were soon to find out.

    The South Pole~ Through the Mountains

  • It was a pleasure to be able to advance all the time, instead of constantly turning and going round; only once or twice did we have to turn aside for the larger haycocks, otherwise we kept our course.

    The South Pole~ Through the Mountains

  • In a few minutes he reached a little dell, which occurred quite unexpectedly on the other side of the field-fence, and descended to a venerable thatched house, whose enormous roof, broken up by dormers as big as haycocks, could be seen even in the twilight.

    Two on a Tower

  • It is very sweet to gaze at the stars together; and it is sweet to sit out among the haycocks.

    He Knew He Was Right

  • Little haycocks, about two feet high, and rather more than that in breadth, are made by one variety of these little creatures.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa


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