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  • n. One who undergoes hazing.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

haze +‎ -ee


  • With all of the french music, is there any Michel Polnareff hidding in your magical bag? its indeed a hippie paradise of sorts and there is alot of great qualities about the place. in fact its a difficult city to leave given the many freedoms here that are hard to find in other urban environments but the downsides of the place are a tad more well hidden but very much alive and well and poverty is a prodominant parisitic perpetuater pretty much everywhere. thats why its so cheap here, because its so poor, but it seems the rest of the world might be catching up now, for a while anyway. d¢ pät man Tony, sometimes I think you're pulling our collective leg. there be a lazee hazee sunset o'er the briny o'er 'ere t'nigh' me hear'ies is tarpaulin pillow talk to a salty old sea rogue like meself and makes me landlocked cockles yearn to be under full sail with some loggins and messina grog. ohh argh. dale

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