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  • n. Plural form of hazing.


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  • Mom had been going through all the appropriate Jehovah sorority hazings, like sitting in the back of the Kingdom Hall without speaking and running through the quad naked with a Bible strapped to a goat.

    I'm Perfect, You're Doomed

  • He simply let it fall to the ground every time and persisted through filthy punishments and brutal hazings by his comrades, saying only: "We don't do that."

    Hasdai Westbrook: Enough to Make You Cry: When a Literary Giant Doesn't Know His Grass from his Elbow

  • I'm sure my friend Elliot Aronson would attribute this paralysis to 'cognitive dissonance' -- the same phenomenon that works so well in fraternity hazings and basic training, where people say to themselves: "if I had to suffer this much humiliation and pain to become a (Phi Delt, Marine) it must be a wonderful group to belong to."

    Philip Slater: Why War Persists When War is Obsolete

  • It ends 18 hours later, after a night of hazings and keg parties, petty crimes and crying jags.

    Rock 'N' Roll High School

  • Rush Limbaugh attempted to excuse the earlier revelations as being "no different than fraternity hazings".

    remember abu ghraib?

  • Felton will go through the usual rookie hazings of being a short point guard who gets posted up by taller opposing point guards.

  • The teachers (including an unregenerate Nazi who even spouts anti-Semitic tirades in class without fear of recrimination) prefer to ignore what goes on among the students, passing off severe beatings and a wide variety of humiliations as harmless “hazings.”

    Cook and Carlyle: Last of the Best

  • At Fox, we are treated to breathless accounts of polygamists gone wild, soccer hazings, the Duke rape case, 'Da Vinci' protests, alligators on the rampage, another missing cruise passenger, Ward Churchill misconduct, and Hugo Chavez taking a wizz on the White House again.

    The New New Threat

  • On the other hand, I know of fraternity hazings that use similar group shame tactics to "bond" members, so who knows.

    let's hear it for the faithful

  • The only way we're going to impress Rush Limbaugh is to condone torture and compare it to fraternity hazings.

    Peace, order and good government, eh?: June 2004 Archives


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