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  • n. a male goat; billygoat

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  • n. male goat


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  • He had foppish hair and a patch of fur on his chin, looking rather like a he-goat, including the smile on his face.


  • May 15th, 2008 4: 49 pm ET no need to hit maccain you will never have the chance obama is the nominees you can fight with him, if he comes chasing after bill, thou we know what a randy he-goat bill is

    Clinton campaigns in SD, hits McCain on Farm Bill

  • Granted, the idea is seductive that Greek χίμαιρα chimaira could simply be a feminine form of χίμαρος chimaros 'he-goat' and ultimately related to χεῖμα cheima 'winter' ie. 'winter goat', as in a young goat that experiences one winter, hence a one-year-old goat.

    The Chimaira chimera

  • I've been suggesting since then that it originally came from a Minoan compound *Ki-Amária meaning literally 'Three-Face' which subsequently, following the traditional etymology usually given, the name would have been corrupted by native Greek words χίμαρος 'he-goat' and χεῖμα 'winter' after being loaned from the Minoan language.

    Archive 2010-08-01

  • Despite the distances between them, however, they clung to each other's company grimly, wordlessly coming to the help of the family whose house was blown over by the storm, anonymously leaving a young he-goat among the herd whose sire died the day before, and occasionally gathering at each other's homes for a night of tall and terrible tales or songs of loneliness and silent longing.


  • Pakoyi Local Council II Chairman, Jackson Okumu and Peta Local Council III Chairman, Mr Walire Marijan told Sunday Monitor that the poisoning incident of the pupil forced the clan to convene a meeting on June 30, where the suspect, Mr Ombaga admitted he had poisoned the boy and offered a he-goat to be sold by the family to meet treatment expenses...

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • The young Paulina opened her veins with her husband, the philosopher, Seneca; Mallonia preferred to die in torments rather than give herself up to the odious he-goat of Capri.


  • Hark, you merry maids, do not dance so, for see the he-goat is at hand, ready to pounce upon you.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Don't u just hate it when a guy keeps staring at u for long, and he knows u noticed that too, and hi go still dey look like roasted he-goat...dat crap pisses me off abeg lol naija wa o some ppl go comto dem car, begin


  • The people of the tavern which Rees Pritchard frequented had a large he-goat, which went in and out and mingled with the guests.

    Wild Wales : Its People, Language and Scenery


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