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  • n. Any covering for the head, as a hat, or an ornament for the head; a head-dress.
  • n. All the parts of a harness about the head, as the head-stall, bits, etc.
  • n. In mining, that part of the winding-machinery which is attached to the head-frame, and of which the most important part is formed by the sheaves or pulleys over which the hoisting-rope passes.
  • n. The head-rigging of a vessel.


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  • In addition to Mr. McMillan, a retired postal office worker and Vietnam veteran whose thick frame, elaborate facial hair and preference for spandex head-gear have earned him comparisons to Hulk Hogan, the debate will offer voters a chance to evaluate Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate.

    Candidates Crowd Stage

  • Her rigging is something queer, and the next sharp squall will bring her head-gear all about the shop.

    Chapter 10

  • "But how do you explain the carrying away of our head-gear?"


  • He wore a sixty-dollar, business-man's suit, his shoes were comfortable and seemly and made from the current last, his tie, collars and cuffs were just what all prosperous business men wore, and an up-to-date, business-man's derby was his wildest adventure in head-gear.


  • The two Indians in the canoe moored it on the edge of the eddy, while its white occupant, conspicuous by his gorgeous head-gear, came up the bank.


  • I think the 25-06 would be ok on either, but with the winds and distance for sheep/goats I feel a tad more horsepower is necessary, as you want to drop that animal in it's tracts and not tumble down the mtn and break the head-gear.

    Whats the best rifle for antelope hunting? Also whats the best for mountain goat hunting?

  • It's as if the head-gear of wealth, a sense of privilege and imperial power interfere with the receptors for divine messages of justice, peace, courage and love of neighbor.

    Rita Nakashima Brock, Ph. D.: Interfaith Ironic Christmas Part II: Moses, Osiris And Orpheus

  • Referring to the advisories issued to the pilgrims from time to time, the Chief Executive Officer once again stressed the need for carrying proper warm clothing (head-gear, shoes, rain coat, heavy woolen jacket etc.) and said that these shall be mandatory and that no Yatri shall be permitted to go beyond Chandanwari without proper warm clothing.

    Amarnath Yatra via Pahalgam route to start on June 26

  • The frameless, top-down design, enables unobstructed peripheral vision, and is particularly suitable for mounting on professional head-gear.

    Archive 2007-03-01

  • The end of the book shifts gears and made me think of the South Park episode when Stan makes friends with a Morman kid, and envies how family-focused his family is, playing together and talking all friendly-like, as compared to his own family with his terrifying older sister yelling through her head-gear.

    Archive 2009-10-01


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