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  • n. Nautical, a small pump placed at the bow of a vessel, with the lower end communicating with the sea, used chiefly for washing decks.


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  • From such reflections as these, I was aroused by the order from the officer, “Forward there! rig the head-pump!

    Chapter II. First Impressions-“Sail Ho!”

  • An hour or two, we were kept at this work, when the head-pump was manned, and all the sand washed off the decks and sides.

    Chapter XXIII. New Ship and Shipmates-My Watchmate

  • The head-pump was then rigged, and the decks washed down by the second and third mates; the chief mate walking the quarter-deck and keeping a general supervision, but not deigning to touch a bucket or a brush.

    Chapter XXIII. New Ship and Shipmates-My Watchmate

  • Then we pumped with the feeble head-pump, drew water with buckets, and in this way managed in time to pour lots of Indian Ocean into the main hatch.

    Youth And Two Other Stories

  • He had not gone below when his watch was relieved, and being attracted by the row, was now preparing for emergencies by rigging a hose on to the head-pump, so that this could be at once passed down into the hold if necessary -- the first-mate being too frightened to do anything, even to reply to the captain when he spoke.

    The Island Treasure

  • This made Tom Bullover and the other hands bustle about on the fo'c's'le, although buckets had to be lowered over the side aft to wash down the decks with, so as to clear away all the volcano dust that was still lying about, for the head-pump could not be used as usual on account of the forepart of the ship being high and dry.

    The Island Treasure

  • "The hose is rigged and the head-pump manned, sir."

    The Island Treasure

  • But I had slept like a log, and felt thoroughly refreshed; I therefore went out on deck, and betook myself forward to the eyes of the ship, where I stripped and indulged in the luxury of a shower-bath under the head-pump.

    A Middy in Command A Tale of the Slave Squadron

  • At seven o'clock San Domingo entered my cabin with a cup of chocolate, informed me as to the state of the weather, the whereabouts of the brig, and so on, and intimated that it was time for me to turn out if I wished to indulge in my usual luxury of a salt-water bath under the head-pump.

    A Middy in Command A Tale of the Slave Squadron

  • At six o'clock that morning the usual routine of duty was resumed on board, the hands being turned up to wash-decks and generally perform the ship's toilet before breakfast, and I noticed with satisfaction, as I went forward to get my usual shower-bath under the head-pump, that

    A Middy in Command A Tale of the Slave Squadron


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