head-shrinkers love


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  • n. Plural form of head-shrinker.


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  • Pausing on a close shot of the shrunken heads, Denier Bud said that they are being used to frame the Nazis as head-shrinkers.

    The Lampshade

  • It's a furrowed-browed, head-scratching (or, head-in-the-sand) lack of intellectual honesty and political insight perhaps best left for head-shrinkers, political historians, or both to decipher.

    McCain "Plays" the Base

  • They taught Americans that they are a country dysfunctional manic-depressives and to prove it, the list of bulls***-artists, con-artists, head-shrinkers, moralists, evangelists and snake-oil salesmen, collectively called "experts", that the "talk-shows" stuffed down the gullet of the gullible public was endless; and they're still trotting them out by the dozen today.

    "Experts" & the Decline of the American News Media

  • Benny had it on his mind to marry her, she don't go for it, Benny spent maybe thousands sending her to head-shrinkers.

    Breakfast At Tiffany's

  • Take the word 'insanity,' for instance; the word isn't even used by head-shrinkers any more because it's a legal definition that has nothing whatever to do with the condition of the human mind.

    ...Or Your Money Back

  • "I didn't know that head-shrinkers were supposed to be sane, themselves."

    Time For The Stars

  • In my opinion, forcing yourself to give up one of your hardest-held ideals -- virginity -- merely because of the utter bilge that those idiot head-shrinkers stuffed you with, is sheer, plain idiocy.

    The Galaxy Primes

  • But then the Bears have spent the past few months making head-shrinkers and everybody else scratch their heads.

    chicagotribune.com - News

  • I am sure all those cannibals and head-shrinkers are pleased. to add some Digg pizzaz to your day.

    digg.com: Stories / Popular

  • I winnowed through a dozen or more head-shrinkers before I decided on you.”

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame


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