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  • adj. Wearing a headscarf.


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  • Yet the party marginalizes women, particularly headscarved women, in its party apparatus and among its parliamentary candidates.

    Roger Friedland: Islam, Gender And Democracy In Turkey

  • A headscarved daughter of about fifteen or sixteen circled around proffering a tray of little glasses of pineapple juice to everyone, starting with me.

    Day of Honey

  • We would come home to find her reclining like a pasha, surrounded by relatives from Bint Jbeil, headscarved old hajjis and tiny old men who sat stiffly in straight-backed chairs pulled up around her as she regaled them with tales of The Operation.

    Day of Honey

  • I passed them one time and a few steps later came two young men holding an Israeli flag, walking their bikes silently, soon to intersect the path of the half-headscarved, half-hippie ‘mob.’

    Braver than *me*, probably. | RedState

  • That same week, on Dec. 23, 2010, a man in Twin Falls, Idaho, physically harassed a headscarved Muslim woman and her two children.

    Sahar Aziz: Time To Address Violence Against Muslim Women

  • Social relations between Muslims and non-Muslims have become more strained, religiously bearded men and headscarved women more common, and Arabic forms of greeting now compete with those in the local language.

    A Marshall Plan for Southeast Asia

  • The video shows the policeman head-butting the white-headscarved woman who is engaged in a heated discussion with officers.

    lively writing from pakistan

  • Foreign correspondents yawned, white bearded oldsters adjusted their hats, a clutch of headscarved women whispered in their designated seats off to stage right.

    Nick McDonell: Runoff Rituals

  • On the streets of Cairo, the Egyptian capital, headscarved women form a very visible majority.

    The Economist: Muslims and the Veil

  • That leaves the military with few cards left to play — except to pointedly not invite the headscarved Mrs. Gul to official military receptions.

    An Army In Retreat


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