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  • n. A component of a record player that is attached to the end of a turntable arm. The cartridge is bolted to it.
  • n. A component of a Sun server, used to connect a console between two Sun machines. It is made up of a DB-25 male connector with a normal Cat-5 ethernet cable connecting to another DB-25 male connector.


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head +‎ shell


  • Everything I can think of in that part of the signal path: headshell clips (cartridge leads to tonearm wire) possibly poorly soldered, or themselves defective: tonearm wires distressed or defective: soldered connection between tonearm wires and RCAs.

    Ask MetaFilter

  • Other features of the Gem Sound USB turntable include a pitch control slider (+/- 10%), reverse button, headshell locking nut, fully manual tone arm, motor off button, pause button, skip button, record volume function, and RCA jacks for analog output.

    Musician's Friend: Stupid Deal of the Day

  • Fully manual tone arm: To start playback, gently place the stylus on the record using the headshell finger support

    Musician's Friend: Stupid Deal of the Day

  • One, which I thought was a space invader, turns out to be a headshell (the needle that goes on a record); the other is a quote from a track by roots reggae kings Culture: "This Train Carries No Wrongdoers."

    The Guardian World News

  • It also features a 33 and 45 rpm selector, needle (headshell and cartridge), and more.

    dealnews - Today's Edition

  • The only problem is that there's no headshell or cartridge ... issues that can be solved without too much trouble (unless I decide I have to be all audiophile, in which case why would I settle for an Ion turntable?

    Insomnia beats me like a snare drum in a speed metal band


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