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  • n. Blood contained in the cavity of the heart, as distinguished from that in the vessels.
  • n. Hence Life; essence; something very dear, precious, or vital to one's happiness: in this sense generally heart's blood.


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  • Then Sigurd went his ways and roasted it on a rod; and when the blood bubbled out he laid his finger thereon to essay it, if it were fully done; and then he set his finger in his mouth, and lo, when the heart-blood of the worm touched his tongue, straightway he knew the voice of all fowls, and heard withal how the wood-peckers chattered in the brake beside him

    The Story of the Volsungs

  • When I hold the hose pumping gas in my tank, I feel the flow throbbing with the heart-blood pulse of dead innocents. by meremark (1 articles, 3 quicklinks, 30 diaries, 589 comments [29 recommended, 0 rejected]) on Friday, Jan 4, 2008 at 2: 39: 05 PM

    HUGE News for Dems: Iowa Dem Caucus Turnout Could Double GOP Turnout

  • I felt as though I could take the heart-blood out of everyone of them.

    Cavalryman of the Lost Cause

  • The researchers used high-tech PET scans to measure the participants' heart-blood flow before and after they rode a stationary bike.

    No Java Before Gym

  • However, measurements taken immediately after exercise showed a slowdown in heart-blood flow after they'd taken the caffeine tablets, compared with their previous results.

    No Java Before Gym

  • As reported in the Jan. 17 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the caffeine did not affect heart-blood flow when the participants were inactive.

    No Java Before Gym

  • Thou wouldst have left thy dearest heart-blood there,

    The Third part of King Henry the Sixth

  • Then [said the Abbot]: Our Lord Jesu Christ showed him unto you in the likeness of a soul that suffered great anguish for us, since He was put upon the cross, and bled His heart-blood for mankind: there was the token and the likeness of the Sangreal that appeared afore you, for the blood that the great fowl bled revived the chickens from death to life.

    Le Morte d'Arthur: Sir Thomas Malory's book of King Arthur and of his noble knights of the Round table

  • Nefer jerked the blade out and Rastafa's heart-blood fountained after it.


  • "And yes," she said, granting an oft-given boon, "you may keep the heart-blood."

    Dalamar the Dark


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