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  • n. The impulse of the apex of the heart against the chest wall.
  • n. Angina pectoris.


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  • Only to have seen her without speaking would have been some relief; for Maggie was haunted by a face cruel in its very gentleness; a face that had been turned on hers with glad, sweet looks of trust and love from the twilight time of memory; changed now to a sad and weary face by a first heart-stroke.

    IV. Maggie and Lucy. Book VII—The Final Rescue

  • And even so, I have never heard of a heart-stroke being preceded hours before by a weakening of the mind.

    Chapter 39

  • On the 27th I had one of my terrible spasms of heart-stroke, which had near carried me off, and the severe disappointment of being kept in a situation where there can be nothing to do before August, almost killed me.

    The Life of Nelson

  • But when the vessels are rendered relaxed, the resistance is removed, the heart begins to run quicker like a clock from which the pendulum has been removed, and the heart-stroke is greatly increased in frequency.

    Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why What Medical Writers Say

  • This was a heart-stroke, but I kept up bravely, changing color perhaps, but not to such a marked degree as to arouse any deeper suspicion in his mind than that I had been wounded in my amour propre.

    The Woman in the Alcove

  • All of us thought, if our minds made bold to think, that it must have pleased the Lord to take his lordship either with an appleplexy or a sudden heart-stroke, or, at any rate, some other gracious way not having any flow of blood in it.

    Erema — My Father's Sin

  • But when the vessels are rendered relaxed, the resistance is removed, the heart begins to run quicker, like a watch from which the pallets have been removed, and the heart-stroke, losing nothing in force, is greatly increased in frequency, with a weakened recoil stroke.

    Grappling with the Monster The Curse and the Cure of Strong Drink

  • But when it comes to a clean young feller, sich as I take you to be, tellin 'of his heart-stroke, then it's different, an' I'm allus pleased to listen. "

    Glen of the High North


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