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  • n. Plural form of hearte.


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  • Notwithstanding that, by litle and litle the people annoyed them, and their heartes failed; and left the posternes and breaches: in such wise, that the enemies might come in without finding great resistaunce, but of a fewe that the lord master caused to abide there (that is to weet) knightes of his succours.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • The heartes of the brethrein war wonderouslie inflammed, and seing such abominatioun so manifestlie manteaned, war decreed to be revenged.

    The Works of John Knox, Vol. 1 (of 6)

  • Shall shewe what Englysh handes and heartes can doe.

    The Rowley Poems

  • The Galles could scarse beléeue that they had got the victorie with so small resistance: but when they perceiued that the Romans were quite ouerthrowne and that the field was clearelie rid of them, they got togither the spoile, and made towards Rome it selfe, where such feare and terror was striken into the heartes of the people, that all

    Chronicles (1 of 6): The Historie of England (3 of 8)

  • And thatt theye aye all thus become goode wives and brave mothers, and bee bleste and happie in alle thynges, is ye heartes prayer of

    The Continental Monthly, Vol. 1, No. 5, May, 1862 Devoted To Literature And National Policy

  • Fortune swears "weakest heartes," the bookes of Cupide's artes.

    Quaint Gleanings from Ancient Poetry

  • "In the coldest flint," says Lucilla, "there is hot fire, the Bee that hath hunny in hir mouth, hath a sting in hir tayle; the tree that beareth the sweetest fruite, hath a sower sap; yea, the wordes of men though they seeme smooth as oyle: yet their heartes are as crooked as the stalke of luie."

    A History of English Prose Fiction

  • I am not ignorant that she layeth her ambushes, and doeth beset the endeuours, soner of personages that bee noble and of highe parentage, than of those whose heartes be base and vnnoble, and their victories not able to attain any iote of honour and fame.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • For this wee maist boldelie affirme, that blasphemy it is to say, that Christ abydes in the heartes of sik, as in whome there is no spirite of sanctification.

    The Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches.

  • Marchaunt menne can seldome finde in theyr heartes to hynder theyr merchaundise with so greate yearly expenses.

    A Book About Lawyers


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