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  • adv. In a heartfelt manner.


heartfelt +‎ -ly (Wiktionary)


  • If we don't stabilize Iraq, unchecked bloody civil war will break out and the butchery will be 100X worse than present levels Lefties blubber about so "heartfeltly".

    "The biggest question is how far can Democrats go in opposing this president?"

  • Oswald felt heartfeltly sorry to wound the good Colonel's feelings, but he had to remark that he had only done his duty, and he was sure no British scout would take five bob for doing that.

    The Wouldbegoods

  • Now the word "prayer" to non-Muslim readers will evoke an image of people perhaps silently clasping their hands together, leaning forward in a pew, and either silently, to themselves, or in a quiet tone, speaking heartfeltly to God.

    Jihad Watch


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