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  • n. Plural form of hearthrug.


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  • But that would only be a way of killing him, of bringing him a slow death among the bowls of warm gold top milk and the cushions and the hearthrugs, never again to know the fierce demented joy of seeing those fish come bursting out of that smashed crate and ravaging them, heady with rapture, scattering tails, scales and bones in that frenzied celebration of life renewed.


  • They were like the main roads in a map, and I amused myself by building little houses beside them -- houses full of books and warm hearthrugs, and with a nice pond lively with tadpoles in the garden of each.

    The Ghost Ship

  • Dorothy was fond of dogs, of larger and more formidable breed than those which lie on modern hearthrugs; and Henry Cromwell promised that the highest functionaries at Dublin should be set to work to procure her a fine Irish greyhound.

    The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, 1652-54

  • Down below, in my sub-world of chair-legs and hearthrugs and the undersides of sofas, I was working out my own floor-problems, while they babbled on far above my head, considering me as but a chair-leg, or even something lower in the scale.

    Dream Days

  • They were excellent hearthrugs in that house; soft and wide, with the thickest of pile, and one's knees sank into them most comfortably.

    Dream Days

  • You can take a small tiger and train it to sit on a hearthrug, and to lap milk, and so long as you provide it with hearthrugs to lie on and sufficient milk to drink, it will purr and behave like an affectionate domestic pet.

    Novel Notes

  • Then they came to a shop that sold cats, but the cats were in cages, and the children could not help wishing someone would buy all the cats and put them on hearthrugs, which are the proper places for cats.

    The Story of the Amulet

  • Aunt Hannah forgot her blackened and singed hearthrugs and broken lamp as soon as she realised that there was real pain and suffering on the way, and busily aided the doctor as he bathed and bandaged the rather ugly burns on Vane's and Mr Deering's hands.

    The Weathercock Being the Adventures of a Boy with a Bias

  • So the two brothers went off hand-in-hand into the wood, and returned in a minute with their arms full of things -- such as bolsters, blankets, hearthrugs, table-cloths, dish-covers, and coal-scuttles,

    Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There

  • In the months of July and August, and not at all the less during the very middle watch of the day, I sate in the closest proximity to a blazing fire; cloaks, blankets, counterpanes, hearthrugs, horse-cloths, were piled upon my shoulders, but with hardly

    Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers — Volume 2


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