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  • n. Plural form of heartland.


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  • Without the financial support of donor countries, Sri Lanka would not be able to survive a single day in Tamil heartlands, let alone three decades.

    Two Views of the Recent Violence In Sri Lanka

  • There are legions of bitter, idiotic white people all across the so called heartlands who vote against their own self interest, all because they don't like them thar gays.

    McCain Campaign's Double-Talk On Obama's Patriotism Largely Ignored By Press

  • The so-called heartlands have done worse from Labour than anyone else in Wales.

    Prescott: 'Democracy is damaging Labour'

  • In the so-called heartlands (where the heart of Singapore is supposed to lie), the feeder bus driver is from China, the cashier at the heartland "kopitiam" where I sometimes have my morning cuppa is also from China, the waiter who serves me at that cafe at Sembawang Shopping Centre is from the Philippines, the shop assistant at that shoe shop, and who could not communicate very well with me, looks like she's from God-knows-where … … … … ..

    The Online Citizen

  • The closest Lib Dems get to 'heartlands' are Barnton, New Town, Grange, Morningside and the student vote.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Joe Bageant opens our series on contemporary America, with his reports from the 'heartlands' of the nation.

    Beth Arnold: Can Democrats Learn to Speak Redneck?

  • What he wants to keep is a specific kind of Labour dead-hand grip over the 'heartlands'.

    Prescott: 'Democracy is damaging Labour'

  • Didn't I hear Meri Huws, Welsh language Board, on BBC Welsh News bemoaning the fact that the use of the Welsh language in its 'heartlands' is on the decline? wrote:

  • It is a policy of electoral suicide, especially in working class areas in the North West 'heartlands'


  • Similarly, there are no words, theories, or theologies in the spiritual heartlands.

    The Bushman Way of Tracking God


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