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  • transitive v. To treat (metal, for example) by alternate heating and cooling in order to produce desired characteristics, such as increased hardness; temper.


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  • In their first semester, students in the new School of Aeronautics learned to weld, machine and heat-treat metals, and do sand casting.

    First Man

  • Wade, as chief chemist, you are to synthesize a little coffee and heat-treat a few eggs for us.

    Islands of Space

  • It is piped both to the Rouge and Highland Park plants where it is used for heat-treat purposes, for the enamelling ovens, for the car ovens, and the like.

    My Life and Work

  • Again, the camshaft has to have heat treatment in order to make the surface hard; the cam shafts always came out of the heat-treat oven somewhat warped, and even back in 1918, we employed 37 men just to straighten the shafts.

    My Life and Work

  • That's why he expects his best suppliers to have and use value-added processes to heat-treat or fabricate the steel and aluminum he buys, and the systems to allow for automated ordering.

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  • So, now, all the information about the barrel, the heat-treat lot, the packing slip number, the bar number, all that information is now attached to the barrel with a 6-digit serial number, and it goes through the rest of the process with all the information attached to it by that number.

    Defense Review

  • Fast forward the best part of three decades, and here we are again, trying to heat-treat the mutant spawn of a new "monetarist experiment" that's also broken out of the lab and started to munch bystanders on the corner of Wall Street and Main.


  • Around half a milligram of iron might be used to heat-treat an average tumour. news business sport the Daily Telegraph newspaper Sunday Telegraph

  • And that pessimism has impacted use of heat-treated aerospace-grade aluminum plate, says Keith Burlingame, manager, distributor markets, for Caradon's Indalex unit, who says shipments of heat-treat plate were down 15% in 1999.

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  • Magnetic material alloy sorting, plating thickness, case depth, heat-treat control, fall under magnetic permeability measurement.

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