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  • adj. comparative form of heavy: more heavy


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  • That's true of both die-hard Democrats and Republicans who turn out in heavier numbers than unaffiliated voters in midterms and others who may be well-versed in the big races but know little about other contests.

    Statewide Races Could Tip House Contests

  • It's good to know we got a few people who think heavier is better.

    Weight a Minute

  • Dave, I was raised in the school of 'heavier is better', but I know that shooters are gonna want to be comfortable with their firearm.

    Why Heavy Rifles Are Out

  • I agree about Gigli's more muscular sound, and I think that he was more successful in heavier repertory than Pavarotti was, though they are both superb in the lyric rep.

    Una furtiva lagrima

  • Here is a wish list for ANY gun maker: A semi-auto in heavier calibers, .338 and above.

    The State of the Shooting Industry: With a few standout exceptions, American gun makers seem to be innovating less and copying

  • That's perfectly true if you're talking about rifle calibers; centerfire magnums are loaded to high velocity, but magnum shotshells contain heavier shot loads.

    Shotgun Myths Explained

  • Later, when the dog becomes proficient at holding points, he begins planting the pigeons in heavier cover and new locations.

    By the Bird

  • (Boeings apparently feel "heavier" - one wonders if the heritage of building fighters and bombers played any role here?).


  • Also, to give you some perspective, the metered cab ride that I took from my neighborhood to this event (in heavier traffic headed downtown than I would get headed uptown) cost about twelve bucks, and I gave him fifteen bucks, so even with a good tip, that trip shouldn’t be more than fifteen dollars.

    #148 ~ Rabid Lamb Comics « 1979 Semi-Finalist…

  • The fourth would be bullet weight/type, heavier is better for the big stuff, and you can’t go wrong with a high quality bonded bullet or the X-Bullet.

    Lazz Loads: The Short Magnums


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