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  • n. Nautical, a small line, generally about half an inch in diameter and from 5 to 10 fathoms long, with a small lead weight at one end, employed on steamships and tow-boats to throw to the shore or to another vessel, so that the end of a hawser may be hauled ashore or to the other vessel by it.


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  • He caught the light heaving-line, hauled in the heavy

    The Valley of the Giants

  • In the course of a few minutes a small raft, bearing a heaving-line which the yachtsmen had streamed, drifted down upon the tug, clearing the bow by a few feet.

    Dan Merrithew

  • He saw black faces staring down, he heard cries of amazement and surprised inquiries, then a heaving-line came aboard and the leaky tub was drawn close.

    Rainbow's End

  • Glenister had plunged to the rescue first, a heaving-line about his middle, and although buffeted about he had reached the wreck, only to miss sight of the lawyer utterly.

    The Spoilers

  • The man's cry as he struck the water alarmed the crowd and caused a momentary stampede, in which Cherry and Boyd were thrust shoreward; but the confusion quickly subsided, as an officer flung a heaving-line to the gasping creature beneath.

    The Silver Horde

  • Away went the dory, paying out on the roding, the end of which was fastened to the disconnected cable, and when it had reached the steamer, a heaving-line was thrown, by which the roding was hauled aboard.

    "Where Angels Fear to Tread" and Other Stories of the Sea

  • A light heaving-line was quickly cleared away, and one end bent to a rope becket securely spliced to a small keg, which was then thrown overboard and allowed to drift down toward the wreck, the line being veered freely away at the same time.

    The Pirate Island A Story of the South Pacific

  • I then bent on a heaving-line to one end of the hawser, which, by this means, I got to the cutter, when we moored her securely astern of the ship.

    For Treasure Bound

  • _Concordia's_ poop, the sudden snaking out of a whirling heaving-line from the forecastle of the latter, followed by the thin but tremendously strong steel towing hawser; and as the few remaining sheets of the ship's canvas shrivelled in to the masts and yards the tug passed ahead, the towrope rose dripping out of the water, tautened to the semblance of

    The Adventures of Dick Maitland A Tale of Unknown Africa

  • To the other end nine life-buoys were next securely bent, in the form of a chain, with a length of about a fathom between the buoys; and, finally, a long light heaving-line was bent on to the extreme outer end of the warp.

    The Cruise of the "Esmeralda"


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