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  • n. A marking that certifies that a product is kosher.


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Hebrew הכשר, "prior approval".


  • I said that hechsher is Yiddish for Kosher, Arieh says it's not, it's Hebrew.

    Hoist on My Own Pedantry, I Mistake Hebrew for Yiddish.

  • Much food — flour, rice, and other staples, and all produce — is kosher by definition, and need not bear a "hechsher," or kosher symbol, although a lot of it does.

    The Kosher Conversion

  • No ‘bipartisan hechsher’ for Chabad in D.C. JTA, Sept 9, 2008

    dem slams lubavitch for partisanship

  • “I currently do not feel that it is proper for a NJDC representative to give a ‘bi-partisan hechsher’ to your events,” Forman wrote in an e-mail to American Friends of Lubavitch Washington director Rabbi Levi Shemtov that was obtained by JTA.

    dem slams lubavitch for partisanship

  • There are evident national security implications for any country that allows the Rabbinate to create a situation where no one teaches the Hebrew language without a Rabbinical hechsher seal of approval—the intelligence implications are staggering, actually.

    the british chief rabbinate and why I don’t like it

  • Rubashkin Arrest and Failed Messiah hechsher tzedek see:

    Yet more on heter, shmetter | Jewschool

  • David Kelsey · January 25th, 2007 at 11:03 am the people from tzedek hechsher could care less about workers rights. they just want a piece of the cake. they dont want the orthodox to have a monopoly on the multibillion dollar kashrus industry..

    Less brains… More meat | Jewschool

  • I could be wrong, but my understanding is that the tzedek hechsher would not certify animal welfare standards.

    Eating Right | Jewschool

  • This is also assumed to be nonseverable, so that if any of these chumras are not going to be observed, then this is seen as an inherent flaw in the idea of a tzedek hechsher.

    Eating Right | Jewschool

  • My bro recently compared the hechsher industry to Communism.

    Eating Right | Jewschool


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