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  • n. Plural form of hechsher.


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  • To say that a group of people who defy their gedolim whose hechshers they scrupulously check for are “fundamentalists” when Scripture specifically says not to do what they are doing is just a farce.

    JPPPI Don’t Like Frum People | Jewschool

  • Today's hechshers are practically blaring by comparison, and many mainstream producers now spell out the words "pareve," meaning neither dairy nor meat, and "kosher" itself.

    The Kosher Conversion

  • How many people would buy items with justice hechshers when they had the chance?

    Eating Right | Jewschool

  • “How many people would buy items with justice hechshers when they had the chance?”

    Eating Right | Jewschool

  • If you prefer to buy only certified food, or need to do so for a friend who keeps a stricter standard of kashrut than you do, the list of hechshers is a wonderful resource to have while you're in the supermarket, since it lets you compare a symbol on a packet with an easy to read, comprehensive list.

    The Jew and the Carrot

  • The Israeli Supreme Court handed down a ruling in the case of the "fake hechsher" Keter HaKashrut vs. the Rabbanut. the Rabbanut has been working hard to remove the "fake hechshers" from the marketplace - hechshers such as Keter HaKashrut and Tiferet HaKashrut, among others.

    Israelated - English Israel blogs

  • While such a decision is important and will hopefully strengthen the Rabbanut in their fight against the "fake hechshers", there is something troubling about it.

    Israelated - English Israel blogs

  • Those saying that the tzedek hechsher “won’t work” are assuming that people will either relate to it the same way that some people relate to existing hechshers i.e. won’t eat anything without it or will ignore it completely, and since the former is unfeasible, the latter is unlikely.

    When is it Kosher? | Jewschool

  • Kosher app also links to the website of a restaurant (if available) and lets you email a listing to a friend. nformation on kashrut certifications is sometimes visible on the page of a specific restaurant, but doesn't appear in a search for symbols on products: for example, the Sephardi Kashrut Authority in London appears in restaurant lists, but strangely, not in list of hechshers under "England" although, as far as I know, they certify packaged products under their own hechsher as well.

    The Jew and the Carrot


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