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  • n. The state or quality of being hectic.


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hectic +‎ -ness


  • Just Because you don't like the shakey Camera work dosen't mean it's laziness, it's simulating the hecticness of a fight, the camera stays still when it needs to and takes on the shakey style when it needs to aswell.

    Must Watch: Green Zone Domestic and International Movie Trailers | /Film

  • Instead of simulating the hecticness of the fight why doesn't he show the speed and violence of the fight that the Bourne character takes into each brawl.

    Must Watch: Green Zone Domestic and International Movie Trailers | /Film

  • It would have been my very first update since I graduated all those years ago, but, in the hecticness that was last summer, I couldn't be bothered sending one in.

    Alumni News Meme

  • And the hecticness that is our nation's capital's airport.

    Going on Holiday

  • Singto seems to have disappeared on a love-fuelled quest and while Chxta and Toksie continue to blog after relocating home to Nigeria, the hilarious Atutupoyoyo , Adaure and art activist Molara Wood seem to have been swallowd up in the feverish hecticness that is Lagos

    Lost bloggers, Yinka Shonibare and a not-by-chance offering

  • We've seen a little bit of hecticness, you know, people running with their bags, pushing a couple of elbows.

    CNN Transcript Nov 29, 2009

  • But in the hecticness that is hunting seasons, that doesn't always happen.

    grouse Diary Entry

  • Signing contracts, frantically apartment-hunting, hounding Jason about divorce papers, commuting, packing, saying goodbyes, and of course, finding time to sandal shop and sip fruity drinks on patios despite the hecticness, it's all been sucking up my time.

    The Comeback

  • After a week and a bit of hecticness is that even a word?

    between the rock and the cold, cold sea -- Day

  • When the hook dropped and the hecticness of Sea Detail faded, Kurt left the bridge.

    The Heirs of Babylon


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