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  • n. A small European warbler, Accentor modularis, resembling a sparrow in coloration and frequenting hedges. Also called hedge-accentor, hedge-chanter, hedge-chat, hedge-mike, hedge-spick, hedge-spurgie, and hedge-warbler. See Accentor, 2 .
  • n. An old book-name of the Jamaican guit-guit or rufous-throated tanager, Glossiptila ruficollis. G. Edwards.
  • n. Some other hedge-bird, supposed to be a sparrow.


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  • Titmouse and blackcap and a hedge-sparrow or so live now alone in the bush and undergrowth: tuitui!


  • Many birds are imposed upon, one of the commonest victims being the hedge-sparrow.

    Little Folks (July 1884) A Magazine for the Young

  • Unlike most other birds, they do not pair; you all know, too, that cuckoos make no nests, but lay their eggs one by one in the nests of various other birds, such as those of the hedge-warbler, or hedge-sparrow as it is generally but wrongly called, robin, white-throat, and other birds.

    Country Walks of a Naturalist with His Children

  • "In my time there were bigger eggs in the nest of the hedge-sparrow," said Little Fawn.

    The Boy Who Knew What The Birds Said

  • But when she handed him the eggs Little Fawn said "It was not the eggs of the hedge-sparrow we were wont to eat in my time."

    The Boy Who Knew What The Birds Said

  • "Eggs of the hedge-sparrow!" said Murrish, "I have handed you the biggest eggs laid by the best hens in the country."

    The Boy Who Knew What The Birds Said

  • I know an officer who was awarded the D.S. O. because he had hindered the work of war correspondents with the zeal of a hedge-sparrow in search of worms, and another who was the best-decorated man in the army because he had presided over a visitors 'chateau and entertained Royalties,

    Now It Can Be Told

  • Mrs. Fitzgerald herself was a mild, quiet, nervous, delicate lady, as much astonished at her lively, tempestuous daughter as a meek little hedge-sparrow would be, that had hatched a young cuckoo.

    The New Girl at St. Chad's A Story of School Life

  • Even D'Arcy is out with his men, whose father I remember a little hedge-sparrow knight nearby Caen.

    Puck of Pook's Hill

  • Eileen saw that she imagined God made the woman and money the lady, and that between a female in a Paris bonnet and a female in a head-shawl there was a natural gap as between a crested cockatoo and a hedge-sparrow.

    The Grey Wig: Stories and Novelettes


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