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  • n. Plural form of hedgie.


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  • Timing is the euphemism hedgies used to describe their activity -- which we should call "skimming."

    Wall Street Weaselwords

  • Too bad Paterson didn't figure out that clipping the hedgies was a bad idea before he signed off on its inclusion in an $828 million revenue package that the state Assembly passed on July 1.

    NY Post: News

  • When U.S. S.n. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.) announced Wednesday he wouldn't run for a 6th term, folks in the financial world behind the Dump Dodd campaign were rejoicing, but some big name hedgies likely realized they'd just taken a huge loss on their political investment.

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  • So you think it's fine for a shareholder to build up rights in secret to acquire a majority stake in a publicly traded company and so, when the market turns against that company for perfecly rational reasons, he is able to declare that he has that majority stake and use his majority position to force the price up ... so long as the people whose interests are adversely affected are 'hedgies'.

    Poor Hedgies: Time to Trade Down to a Smorsche

  • Nevertheless, "hedgies" and "short sellers" are still looking to capitalize on the dark side of the "PIIGS" (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece Spain) drama. Home Page

  • And while it's tempting to blame "hedgies" for collapsing the financial system, it would be wrong to do so. Home Page

  • The two "hedgies" are estimated to be worth about £260 million each, and were ranked joint

    Top stories from Times Online

  • Which could very well include our friends the 'hedgies' (especially the ones that lacked the foresight to include 'freeze clauses' in their participation agreements …)

    Conceptual Guerilla - Central Command in the War of Ideas

  • But for anxious hedgies, the wait may soon be over.

    Hedge Funds' Long-Awaited Deal Feast

  • It reckons that many hedgies have stocked up on Greek bonds in recent weeks as banks and insurance firms cut their exposure.

    Eurozone crisis: Markets shrug off threat of Italy downgrade- as it happened


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