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  • A simplified spelling of headlong.


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  • Who seing his mishappe to growe to dispaire, and from thence foorthe no remedie, that whether by reioyse, well hoping of better lucke, or for sodaine and miserable death, he determined to proue Fortune: and to see if the water of his hope coulde finde any passage, stedfastlye determined that if he were throwen downe hedlong into the bottome of

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • There is no madde beatt that is fo hedlong caried awaye, there is no ftreame be it neuer fo fwifre and ftrong, whereof the ouerflowing is fo violent.

    The institution of christian religion

  • I haue alfo taught that ic is a pcftilent law, that cither throwech downe hedlong into defperation the poore foulcs in whom Co euer abideth a feare of God: or where there reigneth carelcfneSjdeliteth the with vayne flatteries, & Co maketh the duller.

    The institution of christian religion

  • \ labour to throw it downe hedlong, did not on the contrary part

    The institution of christian religion

  • Therefore he gaue them a caufe of comfort, the admo - nifliment of the lawe, whereby they {houlde learne, that it is done toprouidefor their faluation when they are called againe into the way, and the wicked are caried hedlong into their errours, whofc ende is the pit.

    The institution of christian religion


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